Hatha Yoga Fusion

Monday at Fresh Up Zone Studio

Yoga is more than physical movements or relaxation. Yoga is more than spirituality. Yoga is real because you are in the mid of focus. Make friendship to your Self, learn your inner body.

This class teaches you to find a deeper connections with your Self. Less instructions, less visual elements. More space to find your Self, to feel your body. Deeper yogic messages to You, more space to dive in.

The fusion made of these aspects:

  • asanas are for stretching and strenghtening your body,
  • breath techniques are for making you breath more efficient,
  • flow movements put you into focus,
  • meditation soothes your mind,
  • silence opens the door to your inner wisdom.

Level: middle & advanced yogis

Language: EN, HUN (bilingual)

Sign-up is required here below.

For free: the usage of the yoga mats and props are free to all yogis that are sign-up in advance.

Less is more. See you at the classes.

Om Tat Sat,
FreshUp Ági

FreshUp Yoga Academy©


Location: Fresh Up Zone Studio

Nincsenek Események

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