Yin Yoga

Every Thursday at Fresh Up Zone Studio

Yin Jóga

Every Thursday at Fresh Up Zone Studio

Yin Yoga

Every Thursday at Fresh Up Zone Studio

Be quiet and passive. Slow down with this quiet yin practice that targets the deeper connective tissues with the aim of increasing circulation and improving overall flexibility. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes with very little muscular engagement, supported by props. Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to stronger, more dynamic (yang) styles of yoga and exercise such as running, walking, hiking and biking.

Train your mind. If you are a very active person, you find it hard to relax and stop for a while then this yoga class is perfect for you to teach your mind to be still. Your body is held passive in the deep stretch poses, while your are one with your breath and you make your mind experience to be still too. Later on this leads to the meditative state.

Therapeutic benefits. All experiences, interaction are stored in your cells that oftentimes make you feel sad or frustrated in particular situation in life. Yin yoga works on so deep level of your body that it contributes to heal your emotions, learn to let go. This class may include self-massage too.

– increase mobility,
– boost energy flow in your body,
– enhance healing your body and soul,
– strengthening mind & deepening breath,
– a way to meditative state.

All level welcome.

Sign-up to the class is required. For signed-up guests, usage of yoga mat and props are for FREE.

Language: English, Hungarian

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