Hatha Yoga in English

Every week at FreshUpZone Studio, Vienna

Build strength and flexibility in your body and mind through regular asana practice. This class is based on hatha yoga mixed with flow movements, yin practice, mudras and restorative poses.

Be more tolerant to stress factors & live a longer life by improving your breath technique. Every hatha FreshUp yoga class includes pranayama (breath) techniques that boost your energy, calm you down & refresh your cells in body and mind.


My non-dogmatic yoga class is themed according to actualities, seasons, moon cycles, spiced with some philosophy on positive way of thinking so as to have a better focus on practice in class and living in your daily life.

Some of the benefits of practicing regular yoga:

  • improved body posture
  • increased body awareness
  • flexibility in joints
  • strength in muscles
  • better stress management
  • better overall well-being
  • more smile on your face
  • boost self-confidence
All level are welcome, beginners too.
Language: English

Om Tat Sat,

FreshUp Ági

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