In an interactive and practice-based way, my workshops are introducing yogic topics to you. In average these are 3-4 hour-long programs within my aim is to guide you deeper into the topic, let you experience by yourself and giving you tips and tools how to build these methods into you daily lives. For the specific topics, please check below, at the sign-up page or write me.

Away from the city life. Yoga retreats that are 4-7 day long programs away of the civilised city life giving you the opportunity to reboot yourself and polish your daily habits to feel better in your home place. You are guided through varied yogic techniques so you can find your own ones. Community programs include always morning and evening yoga practice, meditation, cooking together and nice eating together. My aim is for you to gather new experiences on your own world that bring you deeper inner peace and harmony when you return to your home. Yoga retreats are based on specific topics, for details please check-out below, visit sign-up page or write me.

Welcome to our next program whether you are a yogi or you are new.

Come as you are and enjoy being the part of our yoga club.

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Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat – Autumn 2018

Focus: ayurvedic suggetion for autmun to find balance in the seasonal changing conditions. More details …

Video about the recent one


in the Alps, Austria

Vipassana Meditation Retreat – November 7-11. 2018

Focus: silent meditation for 5 days to find your inner wisdom and let go off all those patterns that you are carrying and which are blocking you. Details are coming soon.

Contribution: fix amount for the accommodation, food and organisation. Scholarship program available for a limited number of participants.




In the yoga tradition 108 is a sacred number. On special days such as full moon, 10 millions day, at the beginning or at the end of the year, we practice a special set of yoga poses 108 times. Mainly sun salutation, moon salutation or chanting mantra. Look for the next scheduled 108 practice.


at special occasions

Fresh Up Zone Studio



These are mainly 3-4 hours long program on a specific yogic topic. On the list, upcoming workshops on these topics: The Power of Breath, Meditation I., Basics of Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda…

Upcoming: Meditation I. & II. and breath workshops are in November and January. If you are interested, please contact me.


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