Yoga for the Spine

Tuesday at Fresh Up Zone Studio

Your spine is your essential skeletal system. It’s defining not just your body posture but also how you handle yourself in specific daily life situations. Also the spine gives home to the central nervous system so taking care of your spine on a regular basis makes you more mobile, facilitates to sit easier for longer time or just fall forward to tie your shoe lace. Moreover you nerves get soothed too.

Suggested to attend this class on a regular basis so you learn handle your own body in daily life. .

Boost your energy at the Yoga for the Spine

Focus: spine & safety. Read more about this class…

Level: beginners – advanced (level 1-4)

Language: EN, HUN (bilingual)

Sign-up is required here below.

For free: the usage of the yoga mats and props are free to all yogis that are sign-up in advance.

Om Tat Sat,
FreshUp Ági

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Location: Fresh Up Zone Studio

Nincsenek Események

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