108 moon salutation

108 moon salutation

29th May is the 2nd 10 millionth day in 2018. The energy on this day affects your thoughts and behaviour with 10 millionth times more. Moreover the power of full moon is also at present to support you.

This time we do MOON SALUTATION and chant a mantra 108 times. This is also a moving meditation that is extra powered by our yogi community and the powerful music in the background.

Join us by registering in advance at the “I want to join” part below here.

Language: English, Hungarian

Yoga teacher: FreshUp Ági

Contribution: donation-based or one occasion off your pass.

According to the legend, Buddha was born on this day and at his 35 year-old age he reached “samadhi”, became enlightened under the tree of Bodhi. Therefore this day is considered to be the birthday of buddhism.


Foglalás lezárva erre az eseményre.

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