Vipassana Silent Retreat

Vipassana Silent Retreat

Focus: Discover yourself. Explore your personality more. Find your way.

Keep silent and meditate. If you are at the middle of a crossroad, do not know which direction to go, why you make the same mistakes, etc. then devote your time for yourself. Keep silent and meditate. This is what our retreat offers you with guided meditation and cues to make your self exploration in a more efficient way.

Program: meditation, practicing full silence, easy yoga practice, guided meditation and theoretical questions to guide you into your deeper truth.

What you get: program, accommodation (simple rooms), vegan or vegetarian meals, 5 days/ 4 nights. Arriving on Wednesday afternoon, leaving on Sunday.

Location: at natural and hide-away place where no traffic, no shops can be found. Under organisation, roughly 3 hour drive from Wien.

Reserve your spot. With your sign-up you ask for a spot for yourself which is reserved to you by paying the contribution in advance.

Details: the program starts on Wednesday with a registration. Registration should be done till 6 pm. Then we have an orientational presentation and dinner, and you start off with some self practice given to you. Everyone keeps full silence from Wednesday dinner till Sunday morning. Throughout the 5 days you are in full silent. You get guided meditation on different techniques and some easy yoga practice. At the second part of the retreat you are all alone to meditate in the shala. Silence is broken on Sunday morning. We’ll have a group practice then and say goodbye to each other.

The aim of the program: to be aware and focus on the processes of your physical and conscious being. Boosting the awareness of your physical and mental state thus your self-knowledge improves. You can reach and experience so deep levels of your inner body that makes being more intuitive, natural. You can let your loads drop off that might be preventing you to be more happy and satisfied with your life.

House rules: 

  • full silence to be kept
  • staying till the end of the program, do not leave the program
  • no eye-contact or touch to anyone
  • no sexual related contact, even sexual related thoughts must be avoided
  • no written communication
  • using mobiles, internet, laptop, etc. are forbidden
  • dairy can be kept but no books just on request
  • meals are on a set time, no eating allowed outside of the given time.


  • sitting, standing, breathing meditation (guided)
  • yoga practice
  • individual meditation full day
  • consultancy can be required every day for a set of time (optional)
  • theoretical topics for the 5 days to support  the purification of your Self.

Being aware of our mind and driving and cleaning our conscious is not an easy job. The long meditation and keeping full silent required great endurance, physical state. So this program is for those who practice already meditation, very determined and takes keeping the house rules serious what you accept with your sign-up and participation. The rules are for you as supports and keys to guide you through the 5 days successful which is not easy for your mind.

Meals: 3 times a day vegan/vegetarian meals, dinner is light one-meal food. No food supplement is allowed, only based upon medical advice.

The group is mixed. (men and women)

Sign-up is OPEN now.

After your sign-up, I will contact you.


  1. Fix and full amount: program, accommodation, meals.
  2. Scholarship: 70% of the full amount. I would like to support you on your journey even if you do not have the full amount to pay. If you think you do not have the full amount to pay than you pay the 70% of the full amount and after the retreat you can donate any amount you think your experiences worth. The scholarship is available for 2 person maximum. For more details, please contact me.

Sign-up and pay the first amount to reserve your spot.

Number of participants are fixed.

Leader: FreshUp Ági, international & experienced yoga teacher and mentor
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